Mathematical and physical modelling of rainfall in centrifuge

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Main works:Develop centrifuge rain simulators


Sprayed simulated rain factors, such as injection velocity, droplet size, injection pressure and nozzle type. 1-The trajectories of rain droplets are clearly affected by the Coriolis force. 2- The deviation of the droplets’ trajectories is more noticeable for smaller droplets;3-The mathematical model is helpful.

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1-Reduced-scale models in geotechnical centrifuges have proven their effectiveness for identifying soil deformation mechanisms.

2-This offers several advantages over field testing, among which are better control of boundary conditions, acceleration of the infiltration process and performance of parametrical studies of various conditions.

3-This paper highlights the factors that affect generation of rain within a centrifuge, develops a virtual rain simulator that calculates the trajectories of simulated droplets in a rotating frame, and then shows how it is calibrated experimentally. This model will be useful for designing better rainfall simulators for centrifuges.

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