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Q10- Soil mechanics

As the sand has a fines content of 11%, it is not considered appropriate to use a relative density as a density index. Why?

Q9-Soil mechanics- 2020年5月2日17:07:02

What‘s different between critical state and steady sate?


What‘s the difference between slope instability and slope failures?

What’s the difference between deformation of slope and failure of slope?

What’s different types of rock deformation?

Q7-Basic concept-2020年4月20日07:40:41

In soil mechanics analysis, does it consider buoyancy force?

(For example: A condition of slope after water level rising)

Q6- Basic concept- 2020年4月11日15:22:04

Can you give two different conditions that negative pore water pressure occurs?

Q5-Lab test 2020年4月11日15:08:56

While the direct shear test can be used to measure the shear strengths of soils, it provides only qualitative information about stress–strain behavior. Is it correct? Can we measure shear strain in direct shear test?

Q4-Lab test 2020年4月1日08:57:53

What’s the main difference between drained and undrained conditions (Only use one single word and a phrase)? Are direct shear tests suitable for both drained shear test and undrained shear test? Why?

Question 3- Experiment 2020年3月31日17:01:46

What is accuracy, precision and resolution?

Question 2- (High-level) Slope 2020年3月23日21:04:12

What‘s shear zone, slip surface, shear surface in slope analysis?

Question 1 – Soil mechanics 2020年3月15日

What’s the main difference between soil and water (From a view of mechanics)?

Is there any geological disaster on Mars?

What’re the main differences between compaction and consolidation? (Hint: Soil type, loading type, removed material)