Benefits of attending conferences

All summaries are based on my personal experiences (jinbudejieti). Please give any your feeling.

① Get feedback on your research works

Sometimes, you might get some questions or shortages from listeners when you give an oral presentation. Come on, this rebuttal is simple and easy. You might be helpless in response to your reviewer in paper submission.

② Learn other’s work and see the hot topics in your field

Listening to an interesting presentation ( imagining a beautiful-girl reporter with harmonious voice ) has less hinder strength compared with reading an article.

Hot topics are important but not critical. Everyone takes his own road. At least, you had better see them. One day, maybe, you have to choose bread instead of love. This is life. Simple and complicated. (I talk too much here)

③ Build your research relationship

All walks of life have a social hub. Unless you are a genius, you try to talk to doctoral students, experts, professors and so on. Later they might be your professors, reviewers, collaborators, and even your wife or husband (Do not any me why I know this). As a smart-tall-rich-handsome Chinese said, beautiful girls are easy to seek, like-minded partners are not.

④ Prepare your journal paper

A conference paper is the rough draft of your future journal paper. You can demonstrate any bold hypothesis without strict reviews, which may let you become the founders of works. It is also a chance for you to practise your poor English or research writing.

⑤ Travel and food

If I was young, this should be No.1 benefit! Travelling around the world with your lover is my dream when I was a child. Attending a conference, your professor pay all money for you. All is free!!!Guys, why not? The world is wonderful.